Vicky Joberg PhotographyFrom a 750 acre cattle ranch in the Northeastern corner of California to the Valley of the Sun, Turkey, Russia, South Korea, Greece, the Big Apple and back to Cali!! I’ve lived and worked all over the world and I have landed back in Sacramento living my dream as a broadcaster for the Sacramento Kings.

From the blood sweat and tears I shed on the basketball court to a high heel wearing, microphone holding, sports talking junkie…what you see is what you get!

Sports is my job but not my only passion. I build furniture, refinish antiques, am obsessed with cooking and more importantly eating! I have an enormous soft spot for animals but especially my dogs. I’m horrible at math and a bit of a history nerd. My family and friends define me…not my career.

“To invent your own life’s meaning isn’t easy. But it’s still allowed. And I think you’ll be happy for the trouble.” – Bill Waterson


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